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Feremi is a young and high end fashion label which was founded in 2017 .


He has been dedicated to fashion ever since he was a young boy. Even then his eye for detail and creativity were remarkable, as much as his addiction to high-end and creative clothes.  
Many brands inspired him, but still he felt that something was missing; none of them truly reflected his own style. 

‘there is a big gap between streetwear and classic clothing, the combination of the two is missing’

He started drawing sketches of clothes the way he wanted them ideally to look; elegant and smart, a combination of streetwear and a classic style. After some time and struggle, the first shirts became reality. 

Whilst striving to design the most original creation in combination with high-end materials, his main effort is to produce clothes which are accessible and affordable to each and all. 
Feremi is inspired by the experience of his customers, while receiving feedback he improves constantly with new and innovative creations. 

With quality over quantity, we bring you the best of streetwear and classic culture mixed with contemporary fashion.
Our main mission is to bring you elegant designs with beautiful quality, securing customer satisfaction above all.  
Yours sincerely,